Welcome to the Collegium Center for Faith and Culture

The Collegium Center for Faith and Culture (CCFC) was founded as an independent nonprofit organization within the Roman Catholic Diocese of Camden, NJ, by Fr. Timothy Byerley, Ph. D., a priest of that diocese, for the purpose of evangelization and catechesis. 

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Join Us Wednesdays During Lent for: Forgiven: The Transforming Power of Confession

  • Do you ever feel like you don’t know what to confess in the Sacrament of confession?
  • Do you just keep confessing the same things over and over?
  • Maybe it’s been a long time since you have taken advantage of this Sacrament.
  • Or maybe you are afraid to go to this Sacrament of Love, believing yourself unworthy of God’s forgiveness?
  • Did you know this Sacrament is not only about receiving God’s forgiveness, but also about receiving His grace to be a stronger, better version of ourselves?


Join us through this journey of Lent, as we explore how God reaches out to each of us with his mercy. A Lent to Remember communicates God’s invitation to each one of us to come experience his indescribable love this Lent.

  • Wed. Feb 21, 7:00PM – Forgiven: Where Are You –

    Have you ever felt lost and alone, isolated in guilt? Like the Prodigal Son among the pigs, we know that we have sinned. But God won’t leave us there—he searches for us and runs to welcome us home in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

  • Wed. Feb 28, 7:00PM – Forgiven: An Encounter With Mercy.

    We are not defined by our mistakes. In Confession, Jesus invites us to encounter his mercy and be healed by his love. When he tells us “Go and sin no more,” he also gives us the grace to do so.

  • Wed. Mar 7, 7:00PM – Forgiven: Embraced in Mercy, The Rite Explained

    Whether you go to Confession regularly or a decade ago, this session guides you step-by-step through the deeper meaning of every aspect of the Rite–what it is, why we do it, and how it impacts your life.

  • Wed. Mar 14, 7:00PM – Forgiven: The Paschal Mystery

    “The Paschal Mystery” is a phrase we hear and use in the Mass and sacramental rites, but do we understand what it means in the greater story of Salvation, from the Passover in Egypt to the Last Supper and Crucifixion of Jesus?

  • Wednesday, Mar 21st – Christ the Redeemer – Fr. Christopher Mann

“A Biblical Walk Through The Mass” by Dr. Edward Sri. (Sept. 29 – Dec. 1st)

Biblical Walk Through The Mass

This is an amazing study program, where you come to understand so much more about The Mass, and the Biblical roots to our responses and gestures during The Mass. Each Session will have a video presentation by Dr. Sri, followed by discussion. Below is a link to the book and study guide, although you are encouraged to join us even if you don’t get the book. You can also obtain the book through Ascension Press or Amazon without the guide.

The five part series will be 7:00 PM on these Fridays:

  • Sept. 29th

  • Oct. 20th

  • Nov. 3rd

  • Nov. 17th

  • Dec. 1st

Join us for as many of these as you can. I have seen these videos and am reading the book. I cannot recommend it enough! Spread the word! Here is the link where you can obtain the book, as well as a study guide.


Invite others to join us!!


Humility: The Road to Mercy – Deacon Bob Hamilton

Deacon Bob Hamilton HumilitySt. John Paul II said the greatest attribute of God is His Mercy. Pope Francis tells us that Jesus is the face of God’s mercy. He adds that salvation depends on mercy, and when we’re not merciful, our salvation is in danger.  Continue reading “Humility: The Road to Mercy – Deacon Bob Hamilton”


Seven Great Schools of Catholic Spirituality


On Oct. 23, Deacon Frank Dunleavy spoke to us about the Seven Great Schools of Catholic Spirituality, in which his main source was an audio course from “Now You Know Media” – by Fr. Anthony Ciorra – called The Seven Great Schools of Catholic Spirituality. Deacon Frank was kind enough to email me notes from his presentation. Below are the highlights: Continue reading “Seven Great Schools of Catholic Spirituality”


Theology of the Body for Children presented by Monica Ashour


Monica Ashour

Monica Ashour MTS; M Hum, Author and National Speaker for
The Theology of the Body Evangelization Team, Inc. (TOBET) and Catechetical Formation in St. John Paul’s Theology of the Body, presented “Theology of the Body” for Children.

What is the very first way we recognize that we are human? Our Body!  What’s the first way we know that we are male or female? Our Body!

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Maria Esperanza and The Family by Maria Coromoto Marrero Bianchini



Maria Coromoto Marrero Bianchini, the daughter of Maria Esperanza, delivered her mother’s message of hope and love to a packed room at the Collegium Center for Faith and Culture. Joining her was her husband Carlos, family friends, Piri and Coky Liscano and Fr. Timothy Byerley, the Vice Postulator for the beatification cause of Maria Esperanza.

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The Divine Romance

Deacon Bob Hamilton took us through the romantic journey of God as our lover, chasing us in a ‘teenage crush’ to a committed, intimate union of souls. Using scripture, writings of St. Catherine of Sienna, Fulton Sheen and others, Deacon Bob shows God as the lover not only of the human race, but of each one of us individually. This written overview cannot express the enthusiasm and emotion of his presentation, but I pray it will at least give you some insights.

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Redemptive Suffering – Fr. Joseph Byerley

Fr. Joseph Byerley used scripture, St. Pope John Paul II’s Apostolic letter on the meaning of human suffering and practical examples to answer the age old question of why God allows good people to suffer.

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The Spirituality of Maria Esperanza – Fr. Timothy Byerley

Tuesday, July 21st at 7:00, Fr. Tim Byerley, the Vice Postulator for the Beatification and Canonization Cause of Servant of God Maria Esperanza, gave a detailed presentation into the life and spirituality of this great mystic of our own times. Fr. Tim shared how she balanced her great gifts of visions, prophecy, stigmata and her mission of evangelization with her vocation as wife and mother. Maria was at the center of the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Betania Venezuela, which were approved by the Church in 1987. She brought the message of Our Lady, Reconciler of All Peoples and Nations to people throughout the world, but especially through Venezuela and The United States. She died in 2004, here in New Jersey and her Canonization cause was opened in 2010.

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