“A Biblical Walk Through The Mass” by Dr. Edward Sri. (Sept. 29 – Dec. 1st)

Biblical Walk Through The Mass

This is an amazing study program, where you come to understand so much more about The Mass, and the Biblical roots to our responses and gestures during The Mass. Each Session will have a video presentation by Dr. Sri, followed by discussion. Below is a link to the book and study guide, although you are encouraged to join us even if you don’t get the book. You can also obtain the book through Ascension Press or Amazon without the guide.

The five part series will be 7:00 PM on these Fridays:

  • Sept. 29th

  • Oct. 20th

  • Nov. 3rd

  • Nov. 17th

  • Dec. 1st

Join us for as many of these as you can. I have seen these videos and am reading the book. I cannot recommend it enough! Spread the word! Here is the link where you can obtain the book, as well as a study guide.


Invite others to join us!!


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