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Fr. Tim Spirituality of Maria Esperanza

The Collegium Center for Faith and Culture (CCFC) was founded as an independent nonprofit organization within the Roman Catholic Diocese of Camden, NJ, by Fr. Timothy Byerley, Ph. D., a priest of that diocese, for the purpose of evangelization and catechesis. 

Leadership Transition at the Collegium Center for Faith & Culture

Dear Supporter of the Collegium Center:

            I wish to inform you that there has been a transition of leadership at the Collegium Center. I want to express my sincere gratitude to Brenda for the great work she has done at the CCFC over the past seven years. Her zeal, her creativity, her knowledge and her administrative skills have yielded excellent apostolic fruits. With Laurie Power, Vince Brandolini, and many others at her side, she has accomplished wonderful things for the Lord. I pray that she will have many graces and successes wherever God may lead her in the future.

            As you know, I have been the Director of the Collegium Center since its inception in 2007. Going forward, I will assume responsibility for its operations as well, with the assistance of a team. In the months immediately before us, there will be a pause in the CCFC apostolate. Firstly, this is because of the COVID restrictions and secondly, to allow me time to develop and plan future initiatives of evangelization and catechesis. This will include expanded use of our facilities and resources.

            I wish to take this opportunity to thank you also for your participation and support of this apostolate over the years. I do hope that you will continue to support the center and attend our activities as we proceed.

With immense gratitude,

Fr. Timothy E. Byerley, Ph.D.


Collegium Center for Faith and Culture


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