Humility: The Road to Mercy – Deacon Bob Hamilton

Deacon Bob Hamilton HumilitySt. John Paul II said the greatest attribute of God is His Mercy. Pope Francis tells us that Jesus is the face of God’s mercy. He adds that salvation depends on mercy, and when we’re not merciful, our salvation is in danger.  Continue reading “Humility: The Road to Mercy – Deacon Bob Hamilton”


Seven Great Schools of Catholic Spirituality


On Oct. 23, Deacon Frank Dunleavy spoke to us about the Seven Great Schools of Catholic Spirituality, in which his main source was an audio course from “Now You Know Media” – by Fr. Anthony Ciorra – called The Seven Great Schools of Catholic Spirituality. Deacon Frank was kind enough to email me notes from his presentation. Below are the highlights: Continue reading “Seven Great Schools of Catholic Spirituality”

Theology of the Body for Children presented by Monica Ashour


Monica Ashour

Monica Ashour MTS; M Hum, Author and National Speaker for
The Theology of the Body Evangelization Team, Inc. (TOBET) and Catechetical Formation in St. John Paul’s Theology of the Body, presented “Theology of the Body” for Children.

What is the very first way we recognize that we are human? Our Body!  What’s the first way we know that we are male or female? Our Body!

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Maria Esperanza and The Family by Maria Coromoto Marrero Bianchini



Maria Coromoto Marrero Bianchini, the daughter of Maria Esperanza, delivered her mother’s message of hope and love to a packed room at the Collegium Center for Faith and Culture. Joining her was her husband Carlos, family friends, Piri and Coky Liscano and Fr. Timothy Byerley, the Vice Postulator for the beatification cause of Maria Esperanza.

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The Divine Romance

Deacon Bob Hamilton took us through the romantic journey of God as our lover, chasing us in a ‘teenage crush’ to a committed, intimate union of souls. Using scripture, writings of St. Catherine of Sienna, Fulton Sheen and others, Deacon Bob shows God as the lover not only of the human race, but of each one of us individually. This written overview cannot express the enthusiasm and emotion of his presentation, but I pray it will at least give you some insights.

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