Evangelization Ministry:

After our recent Basic Evangelization Training, I would like to set up an Evangelization Committee, which would involve a couple of ministries. Yes, the mission of the Collegium Center for Faith and Culture is Evangelization and Catechesis of the Catholic Faith; however, most of our work thus far has been presentations within the walls of the Center. But to Evangelize, we must go outside of the walls.

I am looking for those of you who may have ideas on going out to evangelize, as well as those who have ideas for bringing more people into the center to hear the tremendous presentations on the Faith.

Several people have shown an interest in going out and doing Street Evangelization. If you are interested in going out, please fill out this form, as I am hoping to put groups together. Even if you are just willing to come out and be prayer supporters or only observe, let us know. We can use you! In those areas with Street Evangelization teams, the number entering the Church through RCIA has grown tremendously. (Think 20+ per year vs 2-5 per year.) Growth is also seen in weekly Mass attendance, and the number of men entering the seminary. If interested in this part of the ministry be sure to review the information on this site: (note: We are not to proselytize, but to invite and evangelize. Evangelization is about inviting others into a relationship with Christ, through the Church and the Sacraments.)

St. Paul Street Evangelization

Other areas included under this committee are advertising events as well as advising and helping to set up special events. (such as ‘Catch the Fire!’) These special events take a lot more organizing and coordination.

If you can help in any way, please fill out this form. In the comment section, indicate if you would like to be part of a Street Evangelization team, help advertise or help coordinate larger events.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated!! (You may also use this form to make suggestions, but do remember we are all volunteers and have a very small budget.)